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Taking Wall Street by Twitter - Day 3 - News

occupywallstreet QR code being distributed


hopefully a bit more coherent :D tweets will be in italics. If you need background check previous (messy unedited) post "Taking Wall Street By Twitter" [tweets are in italics]

Second Communiqué: A Message From Occupied Wall Street

A lot of blog and news action now on this issue (but still mostly independent sources/net sources)

Independent Media posts

A Modest Call To Action: Statement at

Salon post

Huffington Post

Nice post at Molly's Middle America

Salon posts "A Real Wall Street Takeover Threat"

The web-spanning nature of social action

Daily Kos kicks in an article

Tim O'Reilly sticks up for "the kids" (excellent comment dialogue)

Democracy post

US Day of Rage Horizontal Mesh Occupation Tactics

A surprising morning march on Wall Street

Mainstream Media

Allison Kilkenny's post at The Nation (one of the few early articles)

This one from International Business Times

The Examiner kicks in with a post about Adbusters and Anon joining

The Harvard Crimson on "Why We Need Wall Street"

Here's an article from The Guardian

NY Times article with good arrest-photo sequence of OrangeHatMan contradicting police report

French police detain “over a hundred” indignados in Paris

The Wall Street Protests and America's Choice: Harvard Business Review

Reuters is worried about clogged sidewalks :D

Dept of Homeland Security had already targeted these protests

Liberato's Pizza does great with protesters

International Business Times post

MSNBC Photo Blog

Los Angeles mirror protest [you tube]

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By Monday evening there is finally some coverage in American mainstream media (for an event that started 3 days ago), probably in shame that foreign media was doing major reporting on the story for almost 18 hrs: Russia, Egypt, Spain were all featuring main-slot stories for almost half a day.

With police barricades closing off several blocks near Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange for security, residents and employees of businesses in the area must show identification to get through the barricades.

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A lot of quick, paranoid tweets get retweeted a lot; that the cops are coming; that Twitter is censoring hashtags, that "there's no major news coverage"; so-and-so arrested/beaten at French and Spanish support actions... very hard to tell reliably what is true and what isn't. There is some truth to these rumors (especially the media grey-out as detailed above in links) but chasing down hard info/facts is difficult.

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Channel Censoring

Yahoo email experiment 9:30pmEDT

Anonymous Central claims: Is Yahoo Mail blocking emails that mention Occupy Wall Street? try the experiment yourself; I did and my mail went through both ways just fine... not to say it isn't happening in some areas. I sent from Yahoo and responded with a resend back to Yahoo from 4 different email accounts. In all cases both web links and topic in the body of the message went through:

Subject: Breaking News Story
Body: check out #occupywallstreet and [link]

This picture is being retweeted, although there is no video, which would be more convincing/harder evidence that this was an email specifically mentioning Occupy Wall Street that was rejected.

UPDATE: I can confirm that when "occupy wall street" or "occupywallstreet" is used AS SUBJECT LINE, Yahoo does in fact report that "suspicious activity may be taking place on your account" and blocks email. This happened in the same previous 4 providers to Yahoo/resend back to Yahoo. If the SUBJECT LINE is different, the emails went through - repeated experiment 8 times for each variation- 9:55pmEDT

Update: someone did get some video of the Yahoo mail activity

There are numerous reports that Facebook is also "censoring comments and posts" but no hard information.

UPDATE: Jake Kettle, host of Truth Transmission has a good video up of Facebook blocking/deleting links to the live GlobalRevolution video feed

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What is showing now is a lack of organization or aim, fueled by rumor-tweets repeated in an echo chamber. O'Reilly's G+ post has a lot of sanity in it; I urge you to read it. I've seen this happen at countless protests over the last 10 years, including the DNC protest in Los Angeles. Too many agendas; too much shrill trumpeting of diverse and fringe issues and politics. It's easy to pick apart and divide such an amorphous protest/movement and the culture-jammers are out in force now.

This seems a particularly American way to do things and it isn't very effective. It alienates the general public from sympathizing and perhaps joining in the protest.

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Power is cut to the square and gasoline for the generators used to keep laptops and phones charged and the live streaming video up is being blockaded by police, even with offer of allowing escorting 1 can to generator (to ease fears of using gas for vandalism). People have been sent out for gasoline but cannot get back through police cordon.

HOTLINE FOR ARRESTS September 20, National Lawyers Guild: (212) 679-6018 write it on your arm!

spelling on #occupywallstreet protest posters is SO MUCH BETTER than anything i've seen on #teaparty posters. that alone is worth s'thing.

#occupywallstreet has been mentioned on Rachel Maddow by Michael Moore #msnbc @maddow #takewallstreet @MMFlint @WeGotEd 10:00pmEDT

i found outdoorsman solar chargers for iCrap and other tech garbage on Amazon. where would one send this?

Bagels from Leo's Bagels del Tue am between 7&7:30 middle of Zuccotti Pk In Solidarity from Oregon

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Information Distribution

More information is being tweeted, distributed with links to articles all over the web:

The Chinese Govt Is Buying Up Economic Assets & Huge Tracts Of Land All Over The United States [link]

Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act! [link]

Know your rights with cops! [link]

New York Legal Observers [phone number]

Behind the poverty numbers: real lives, real pain - Yahoo! News [link]

Obama Finally Wages Class Warfare | Mother Jones: [link]

Recession Ushers in Widest Income Inequality Gap on Record [link]

Lets compare how people on Wall St. Newark, NJ live compared to that of Wall St., NY, NY [link]

The 90's trillion dollar stock market game wrongly drained south east asia [link]

President Obama bluntly challenges Republicans (Washington Post) [link]

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