Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meme in Motion: Two Weeks of Occupy Wall Street

Saturday Oct. 1, 2011

Today is a big day; two weeks, 14 days for Occupy Wall Street and electronic democracy. There's a big march planned for today, with numbers potentially in the thousands because of all the Lamestream Media attention on police brutality and several unions expressing support (as predicted, Lamestream Media has roused itself, having been shown-up by the efforts of citizen-journalists, and started chasing the Occupy Wall Street story)

Other cities are checking in now; many US and some international with panned or ongoing demonstrations; the 99% movement is going national and transnational...

Republican Party? Democratic Party? Tea Party? NET PARTY! #occupywallstreet #occupymedia #occupyinternet

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So today while hanging, I'm retransmitting some infolinks from the first weeks; medical supply requests, the shipping address for OWS at Liberty Plaza, some handy tutorials and official statements from Occupy Wall Street in the INFORMATION section below, plus the usual media roundup.

I also decided to feature some of the foreign independent media, loving all the tweets from internationales adding their voices and cities to what's now being spoken of as OccupyEverywhere.

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Recap of pertinent information from weeks 1&2

How Not To Get Arrested
some basic rules for being cool

The National Lawyer's Guild in NYC: 212-679-6018.

American Civil Liberties Union NY: 212-607-3300

Huge List of Locations for #OccupyWallStreet Demonstrations
Actually, OccupyEverywhere :)

OccupyWallStreet's Flickr photostream

Google Search: 'Occupy Wall Street' - About 6,140,000 results (0.30 seconds)

Wikipedia: Occupy Wall Street

List of places that will deliver food to Liberty Plaza

Here's a theoretical tutorial about getting out of Zip-tie cuffs [youtube]
for entertainment purposes only
Here's how a magician would escape plastic cuffs [front] [youtube]
for entertainment purposes only

New York Patrol Guide Procedure Number 212-95 [Pepper Spray]

Pepper spray and tear gas - things to know about it

According to this NYCLU post, you have the right to stand or march on sidewalks without a permit.


OWS medical team is asking for supplies for makeshift medical kits:
milk of magnesia, bandanas and vinegar
, Milk of Magnesia, Bandanas, finger and leg splints, ice packs/cold packs, rubber gloves, cpr masks & swim goggles rated to 10m, water bottles with spray tops and big (#10) ziplock baggies to make kits. And "tobacco! We all smoke; we shouldn't but we do. Please send tobacco!" And tarps, bug repellent and calamine lotion, space blankets, gauze. And water; lots of water. Warm coats and blankets. Toothbrushes and Tupperware.

These supplies should be sent to Josh & Chris at Medical Table or at Media Center

Shipping address:
118 A #205
NEW YORK, NY 10038

RE: Occupy Wall Street

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Adbusters: Occupy Wall Street
The starting-point of it all

The Occupy Wall Street Journal
who says print media is dead?

Calling All Military Veterans on Reddit [Reddit]
A plea from 15 veteran US Marines

National Nurses United Statement in Support of OccupyWallStreet [press release]

Second Life Virtual OccupyWallStreet gathering
I'll be there :)

United Steelworkers Union announces support for Occupy Wall Street
Full statement from Leo W. Gerard, International President of the United Steelworkers


The Best Among Us [Chris Hedges]

The Left-Right Paradigm Is Over
It's you vs corporations

On The Streets with Occupy San Francisco [SF Bay Guardian]

From Heroes To Pigs: The Metamorphosis of the NYPD [Counterpunch]

Nice deconstruction of 'class warfare'

MLK: Why the US needs an economic justice movement [1967]

The Left Drops the Ball
Nice callout to the 'Progressives'

JP Morgan recently donated $4.6mil the New York City Police Foundation
*Mr Spock raises eyebrow* "Fascinating."

The GOP War on Voting


50 Portraits from Occupy Wall Street
No, they aren't "all dirty smelly hippies' :D

We Are The 99%
Excellent photo compilation from electronic supporters writing out their stories for the camera.

OccupyWallStreet in 35 photos [Atlantic]

Coppin' The Bull
one of the classic OccupyWallStreet pics!

Occupy Wall Street at night
Poignant photo of sleepers

Goethe spotted at Occupy Wall Street

The Occupied Wall Street Journal


Support 99% from Tahrir Square ....... to protesters in USA

Anonymous - #OccupyWallStreet - We are the 99%

We The People: The 99% March to Police NYPD HQ 9.30.2011

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Kieth Olbermann

'On The American Dream'
This George Carlin video from "Life Is Worth Losing" (2005) gets around constantly.

3 months before OWS, nurses asked WallStreet to pay their fair share too.

Frank Zappa at the PMRC Senate Hearings
Hot Rats!


CHINA calls out the US Lamestream Media blackout
Nǐ zěnme yàng?

Les New Yorkais se rebiffent contre Wall Street [LeMonde]
Inde, Israël, Etats-Unis : le mouvement des "indignés" gagne tous les pays [RTBF]

'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters in NYC Decry Corruption, Greed [Turkish Weekly]

#OccupyWallStreet – Cronaca del 12° giorno di una
rivoluzione neanche tanto silenziosa

USA werden zum Billiglohnland [Linke Zeitung]

Miles de personas secundan la marcha silenciosa
bajo el lema 'Occupy Wall Street'

Wall Streetin "valtaus" jatkuu - NYPD:tä syytetään kovista otteista [Finnish TV]


The NY Times gets nasty with the spin verbiage
Excellent example of corporate media spin and semantic warfare. Maybe it's story-envy.

Nice video deconstructing Fox News spin on Pepper Spray Video

BBC finally prints a story... cause it has Radiohead in it
+1 starfsckerz

The New York Observer has a 'OccupyWallStreet For Dummehs' piece
Ya put ya left foot in, ya put ya left foot out...

Not to be outdone, The Nation publishes an OWS FAQ
No, really. I don't think it's a joke...

"Officer" cop forum found, outed; tries to redact
Ooooo they talks nasty! But you knew that. But they didn't know what caches are for; now they do. That's why I love the internet; so educational!

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a sampling of the semantic network

Next time I hear "liberal media", I'll remember said "liberal media" failed to cover #occupywallstreet

#occupywallstreet has taught me where real news comes from ...#twitter

Russia Times covering #OccupyWallstreet. Wash Post covering Moscow clamp-down on gay rights march. Two-way hypocrisy.

Latest email from #OccupyWallStreet: I got hoaxed. Radiohead was never confirmed. Completely our fault. Apologies. Band victims of hoax too

@xxxxxxxx #anonymous have cross the line AGAIN keep family out of it, simple RULE to follow #Dammit

Your most lethal weapon is your mind. Keep it peaceful & creative.

when you have awoken the fear in the 1% and the fight intensifies, remember peaceful action only non-violence rises above

"Fear is the foundation of most governments." - John Adams

Dear the Internet, please make it stop raining on #occupywallstreet k thx bye.

Sometimes the only difference b/w a hippie and Miss America is a shower and a crown. Don't we all want peace?

We've moved from racial profiling to facial profiling in america. Now that's progress.

I am so proud of all the protesters! #occupywallstreet and especially like the father and his children=real families fed up!

You Should Fight Back This Weekend by Pulling Your Money Out of the Bank & Joining a Credit Union

I may not be able to #OccupyWallStreet, but I can take my money out of their banks.

Get your money out of Bank of America (or other big banks) and into a regional bank or credit union.

I am going to repeat what I said before. I remain skeptical. That doesn't matter. #occupyWallstreet can teach us much.

A jug is filled one drop at a time - Buddha

Borders should not stop human dignity. Stop using immigrants as boogeymen

when the government bails out corporations and provides them with special treatment...that fascism, not capitalism.

les tweets internationale

To all the people demonstrating in #occupywallstreet : you have my respect and support - from Paris, France
Les New Yorkais se rebiffent contre Wall Street

RT @pablomp2p: Noche decisiva en Nueva York, cientos aguantan en los parques a pesar de la lluvia en #occupyWallStreet
Volg dit, de media doen het niet! RT @OccupyWallSt Two weeks strong! Our third week will only be stronger!

Demonstratie die niet op tv is, omdat t niet gezien mag worden volgens de rijken. Hij duurt nu al 15 dagen

Vel, som #OccupyWallStreet nå viser, litt "kommunisme" er ingen dum ting. Vi trenger regler som forhindrer plutokratene.

Una pizzería cercana ha llevado muchas pizzas gratis a #occupyWallStreet. En Sol pasó exactamente lo mismo la segunda mañana. #globalchange

Eins noch: Guter Stream gerade live aus New York von #OccupyWallstreet - viele Menschen auf der Straße. Auf livestream gibt es ihn

Noam Chomsky Anuncia Solidariedade com #occupywallstreet - Portal Vermelho: via @AddThis 'Precariato' vai à luta.

Democracia? 1% de la poblacion controla politicos de todos los partidos, mafia financiera responables del desastre

A Micro Conversation:

MS: This is a hostage situation. Gamblers are holding America hostage. Negotiators urgently needed.

BACK: @misosusanowa They put it all on a the hard eight, didn't they ; )

MS: @BACK *laughing so hard* you gotta know when to roll 'em, and when to smoke 'em :D

BACK: @misosusanowa I love me some Dorothy Parker!

Funz [sass + whack-a-mole]

@GirlScouts Y U No #occupywallstreet? WE LOVE YOU. PLS BRING THIN MINTS.

MT @OccupyWallStNYC: 4 #nypd choppers circling above.Have they found our missing tax $$'s? #occupywallstreet ||Nah, just looking for bonuses

Hey #occupywallstreet trolls - You should #OccupyUranus

RT @ariannahuff: Come visit us at the AOL HPMG Oasis at the NYC Wine & Food Festival this weekend! || I'd prefer you visit #OccupyWallStreet

Hawt Troll Nite
I gave in to my base instincts and went troll-hunting:

[to a fellow troll-hunter] @trollhunter *slow clap* well played, sir! Well played!

[got tired of all the "wtf" tweets and sent this out]: WHAT THE HECK IS OCCUPY WALL STREET? LMGTFY - Wikipedia: . You're welcome.

[in response to all the "anti-zionist smelly dirty hippies" tweets]: Ancient Mayans, underground dwellers and flying saucer people with no jobs are the ones who #occupywallstreet . #FrumSum Troll

Troll #1
RT @TROLL: When you #OccupyWallStreet and complain about huge corporations be sure to tweet about it on your expensive cell phone.

MS: @TROLL2: sure, no problem; do you know any good cuneiform chiselers? +1 troll.

Troll #2
TROLL: what is there to know? that it's aimless? Our govt is in bed with wall street. #wrongSPOToccupied

MS: @troll first you must disconnect the vampire from his victim in order to drain his power.

TROLL: @misosusanowa vampires don't actually exist. you won't find one on Wall Street either. #occupywallstreet anyway. lol

MS: @troll so sorry your metaphor processing lobe is on the fritz. Stay trollin!

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Art is my weapon

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