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Network:Bridge Mode


NYPD precinct where most of those arrested went: 212-788-1400.

The National Lawyer's Guild in NYC: 212-679-6018.

American Civil Liberties Union NY: 212-607-3300

How Not To Get Arrested

Two Questions to ask any officer: "Am I being arrested? Am I free to go?" If no, "I would like to speak to a lawyer.”

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RT @: Everyone at #OccupyWallStreet is #reading and #writing .. it's like an #engaged #education project .. exactly why this is interesting - chaotic network mapping, pen testing, opening new nodes and adding capacity; defragmenting and reconfiguring the network. The network only looks incoherent to those using an incoherent map.

The story tonight is The Brooklyn Bridge (never take a nap in the middle of an internet revolution -_- ) The story from this blog's POV is the incredible explosion of signal transmission; Twitter, You Tube and now Lamestream Media nodes are multiplying; signal crossover has been achieved -

RT@ #occupywallstreet has gone from a press blackout to articles saying the protest is unfocused and pointless. That's progress.

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The Occupy Wall Street group was joined by various unions, including the Transit Workers Union, United Federation of Teachers and Communications Workers of America 1109 in the march to Brooklyn; the unions' arrival was known for a day or so in advance and should have had police prepared; professing to be "caught by surprise" is either incredibly disingenuous or stupid. Arrests being reported into the hundreds [one figure repeated is 400-500 from the NY Times/AP posts. Hours later, the Washington Post says +700]

[a tweet reminds me this is Saturday: D.A's office will be busy on Mon. RT @ And no ones getting arraigned tonight. Or tomorrow. That BLOWS.]

Reports now @11:22pmEDT that one of the New York Lawyers Guild Legal Observers was arrested. If true, that won't be very good :D

Reports coming back at 12:00amEDT of arrestees returning - some were fingerprinted, some given appearance tickets and some merely being detained for hours under uncomfortable conditions only to be released with no charges.

7:20amEDT 10.02 - I got let go. After hours on police bus. Most ppl still handcuffed on buses. Trying to find space for us in precincts

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Who's obstructing whom? [network collisions]

According to this NY Times report, either the city planners and police are incredibly incompetent and uninformed or people were entrapped in a style I've seen before at various demonstrations over the years. Speakers on the Livemedia stream is confirming there were no plans to occupy the Bridge; merely to march to Brooklyn and One Chase Manhattan Plaza.

#occupywallstreet NYTimes Blog is now reporting on NYPD purposefully misleading protesters from legal zone to arrest zone.

RT @: #occupywallstreet NYPD mislead 400 protesters off legal path into illegal road then arrested them for being there.

#occupywallstreet corralled onto Brooklyn Bridge by the police, then media reports that police responded to them 'blocking traffic'. #SetUp.

Police corralled protesters onto the Brooklyn Bridge, where they had paddy wagons waiting to load them into #occupywallstreet

Police explanation for #occupywallstreet arrests: not enough cops on roadway, so couldn’t hold marchers back.

This audio report , made to a Democracy Now reporter, seems to confirm deliberate misdirection/entrapment on the part of NYPD, as does this video: Police Leading #OccupyWallStreet Protesters Onto The Brooklyn Bridge Traffic Lane .
Many of the released protesters are saying that they thought they were following NYPD directions and steered on to the bridge.

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Whichever, chaos or deliberation, it was a bad decision on the part of NYPD Tactical to block off both ends of the bridge. If they would have let the protesters go, they would have marched across the bridge to Brooklyn, clearing the bridge in 15-30 minutes and arrested them there. Instead, NYPD turned it into a debacle, tying up the Bridge for hours and blocking vehicular traffic, including ambulances.

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Media Pen Testing

The New York Times is being closely observed after people noticed it changing its online copy. The meme being generated off this is "20 minutes to shift the blame" -

A comparison of the changes the NYT is making on the fly in its online report:

"Fucked. Up. Did some googling - Colin Moynihan is the East Village community editor for the City Room blog, whereas Al Baker, the second writer whose credit was added to the revised article, is the Times’ police bureau chief. Explains the difference in perspective; one of them wants to tell the real story and the other wants to tell it from the cops’ point of view."

This post seems to refute the spinning charges

Although this paragraph [from the original article posted]:

"After allowing marchers from the Occupy Wall Street protests to claim theBrooklyn-bound car lanes of the Brooklyn Bridge and get partway across, the police cut themarchers off and arrested dozens of demonstrators."

... looks a lot different in tone and content from the text:

"Robert Stolarik for The New York TimesSome demonstrators that walked from Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan to the Brooklyn Bridge were arrested on Saturday when they blocked traffic on the Brooklyn-bound lanes."

As you can see in the copy I have, Robert Stolarik [Times photographer]'s name was added at some point.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

It is a mark of the old media meeting the new: whereas OldMedia might hold onto a story until a fact-checker or editor could run through it, NewMedia publishes in realtime, which leads to unreliable informational content from raw data. However, OldMedia is trying to "catch up" to the new media in order to monetize it, and by doing so they make distinguishing between the two information streams difficult (and diminish their importance in the eyes of NewMedia) by not utilizing their traditional strength: fact-checking and error-correction; NewMedia is an inherently-unstable network.

It could simply be a case of revision in style and writing and still look like a spin or a slant; newspapers have always been known for their individual liberal, conservative or radical (outsider) characters and have revised a story to an editor or publisher's taste and sentiment; this is nothing new. What's new is that OldMedia doesn't have the time it used to have to polish and present a story in keeping with their editorial platform.

It's worth noting that #occupywallstreet is not the first popular reaction to the economic crisis. Remember the Tea Party? This is a dynamic mirror of that one, in terms of the curve that is being expressed: the real data is that there is a huge strata of society, crossing many boundaries, that is very frightened and unhappy at the current state of affairs in this and other countries and is getting restless.

The only thing to do in such a situation is try to pick out patterns that keep reverberating or turning up and glean whatever information seems to agree in both streams as an approximation of what is actually happening.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Another broadcast signal is the continual media blackout and Twitter censoring:

BS leads with #OccupyWallStreet protests on web, ABC 2nd headline, CNN 7th headline, MSNBC 3rd

This just in: Brooklyn Bridge occupied by #OccupyWallStreet still not big enough news to make @CNN's top stories.

I don't like being too political, but while #occupywallstreet protestors have shut-down the BK Bridge @CNN is showing Elmo... seriously.

#occupywallstreet Mass arrests on Brooklyn Bridge. WHERE ARE THE NEWS NETWORKS? @CNN @MSNBC @NBCNews @ABC @CBSNews @CNBC DO. YOUR. JOBS.

Although this is not precisely true, as evidenced by the links below under Media, what definitely is true is the paltry coverage in US and allied lamestream media as compared to Tea Party protests & international coverage.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

The "Twitter is censoring the hashtag" meme seems to be testing out, as the added tag #BrooklynBridge is trending heavily... but not #occupywallstreet despite the OWS stream being too fast to read as compared to the #brooklynbridge one:

Yes. RT @jorge_lingo: Seems weird that #BrooklynBridge is a trending topic on Twitter in the U.S. but #OccupyWallStreet isn't. what gives?

RT @- #OccupyWallStreet is trending everywhere on Twitter, except in the US! [Daily KOS measurements]

This post tries to explain Twitter's 'Trending' mechanisms...

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Another interesting phenomena seems to be being documented by a bunch of people: Norton Antivirus popping up warnings that is "malicious site" . No evidence seen yet. Of course, it's Norton, so you got a problem right there :D

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Feed The Protest is now accepting bitcoin

Five Twitter Secrets About Censored Trending Topics
An explanation of Twitter's filtering criteria

Proposed List of Demands [OWS official]
Get involved!

An Occupy Wall Street Media Wiki
"This wiki is here for the people in what started out as the Occupy Wall Street movement to use for whatever uses they have, or can find, for it... just to offer some space and bandwidth to the cause and provide one more node to be available if they needed it" - from the page [offer of load-sharing/distributing resources]

The Occupy Wall Street Journal debuts with a print-run of 50,000 [NYT]

How Banks profit off of unemployent through debit cards

Koch Industries sold petrochemical equipment to Iran and paid bribes in six countries

Rally Puts Police Under New Scrutiny [NYT 1992]
Someone else overran the Bridge and attacked Police Hall and weren't arrested: 10,000 off-duty police officers. You have to love the internet.

Resistance to Civil Government [Thoreau, 1849]

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In #occupywallstreet we see what "real transparency" looks like, instead of the one-way scrutiny we've been being conditioned to.

Is JP Morgan Getting a Good Return on $4.6 Million “Gift” to NYC Police?
This post has good reporting on the march

A Twitter Conversation with Yoko Ono on Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street: Brooklyn Bridge occupied, mass arrests, solidarity events [DailyKOS]

The Gothamist story is mirrored at

Breaking: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Blocking Off Brooklyn Bridge, Police Arresting Scores [Current]

Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested on Brooklyn Bridge [Guardian]

Police: Hundreds of 'Occupy Wall Street' protesters get tickets [CNN]
That trustworthy spokesman Paul J. Browne, deputy commissioner for the NYPD, says "over 700 summonses and desk appearance tickets were issued."

About 400 arrested in Wall Street protest [Reuters]

700 Arrested After Protest on Brooklyn Bridge [AP video]

Hundreds arrested in US protest [BBC]

700 busted as Wall St. protesters clog Brooklyn Bridge [NY Post]

700 Arrested After Wall Street Protest on N.Y.'s Brooklyn Bridge [Fox]

Marchers confront officers in heated exchange on the Brooklyn Bridge [MSN]


The Best Among Us [Chris Hedges]

What the Media Aren't Telling You About American Protests

Support Independent Media Reporting
Support independent media!

Our One Demand is instead an offering

In Praise Of #OccupyWallStreet — An Apology

Two datasets of two posts contrasted:

The bankers and the revolutionaries [NYT]
Gunning for Wall Street, With Faulty Aim [NYT]
One well-written article and one absolute hatchet-job

The Obama Disconnect: What Happens When Myth Meets Reality [Sifry]
The Sifry Disconnect: When cynicism kills hope [Karoli]

#OccupyWallStreet: There's Something Happening Here, Mr. Jones
Hey, didn't I just use that Dylan reference in Monday's post?

Wall Street Protests and Police Thuggery
Nice analysis

Working it out in public: What’s my problem with #OccupyWallStreet?
This post seems reasonable, for a minute until it mentions comparison to Tahrir "repellent"; I guess he didn't see the video from Tahrir Square supporting OWS :D Unfortunately, this post blindly refuses to accept the operating premise that the system is compromised. You cannot work on a virus-riddled system; you must reformat it.

Rich people are being ‘demonized’ for flaunting their wealth. Poor dears! [Washington Post]


One thing that IS emerging is of course tons of data: videos and photographs which do more for awareness and attention than anything [viral media population]:

The TRUTH About The Occupy Wall Street Protests
[agitprop video]
This dood is like a young Alan Ginsberg :D

The Bankers Are The Problem [agitprop video]
This "Anonymous" offering looks like something right out of Max Headroom

OccupyWallStreet's Flickr stream

Arresting what appears to be a very young girl [video]

Photo of the young protester arrested (Little Red Haired Girl)
You know she knows she's gonna be famous now. Totally deserving; kawaii! She is wearing a hat designed on anime character Gir's dog disguise in Invader Zim. thx Abel! +1 internets +1 anime

Mass arrests at the Bridge [video]

live arrest at brooklyn bridge #occupywallstreet by We are Change [video]

Protesters-kettled-arrested-on-Brooklyn-Bridge [video]

Police Arrest Occupy Wall Street Protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge - October 1, 2011 [video]

Photo set at The Gothamist

People struggle to keep protester from police

Vietnam vet protesting

#OccupyGA City Hall

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Best statement uttered today, from the mouth of one of the returning arrestees:
"You say that our aims and goals are kind-of vague, but I don't believe they are. Look, everybody knows that things are really bad, all around, everywhere: the growing gap in income, the ecological disasters, the collapsing of the economy. Everybody knows this." Indeed; this is the elephant in the room.

And one more from the livestream: "People in the group are trying to reach their own positions, but first they're agreeing on their principles."

[Remember Kyle MacDonald's One Red Paperclip experiment? A model of bootstrapping]

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Disinformation/noise on all sides

This doctored photo from an "OWS supporter" has given people something to run with - bad idea. This protest doesn't need manufactured propaganda; there's plenty-nuff real stuff out there for use. It only opens an opportunity to discredit. This website details that Photoshopping. And then... there's the website of the guy who actually did the photo for a print (sans the captioning), Scott Lickstein, who says he "released the teaser for this print last week " and openly states that it is a 'shopped print and never intended to be deceptful.

The age of the Red-Haired Girl keeps dropping; 13, 12... in an attempt to elicit instinctive fury. No one really knows how old she is at this point. A real irony: NYPD arrested a minor on the 1st day of National Bullying Prevention Month.

It would be great if all the "debaters" could learn the difference between false flag, straw man and ad hominem attacks. I see the terms thrown around frequently; it doesn't impress me with their arguments.

Which neatly segues into...

Trolls/Astroturfing/pDOS Attack [political Denial of Services]

The astroturfers and sockpuppets have come out in force after the pepper spray/Bologna videos broke out. Most of the attacks can be boiled down to the set I delineated in this post.

However, the game is being upped by some seriously nasty implications; these are the pros; the signal disruptors, attempting to introduce fractures into the dialogue and divide the focus. The more "sophisticated" ones keep pushing "focus down to one demand!" as a staple; they cannot deal with a multiplexed mode of communication. They also are trying to maneuver people into "picking a position" so they can assail it.

The previous insult/belittling tweets have given way to real ugliness: anti-semetic/racist slurs/abortion/anti-intelligence/sexual/violence blasts; the rhetoric of the extreme. No debating, no arguing; just attacking. Noise jamming; disrupting the network, seeking vulnerabilities:

Because when the racists can't protest "the Jews", they can still protest "the bankers" and mean the same damned thing.

Wall Street Protest Starting to Look Like Egypt

needs to be denounced as terrorists nowadays, it's not the 50s anymore.

Time to go Kent State on #occupywallstreet

A few are even saying... (wait for it)... "comrade". I know :D But they really are.

Give a troll 3-4 tweets and they immediately lose all pretense of "reasoned debate" and descend into childish and vicious personal attacks, scatter-shot jabbing for a tender spot; this is a reliable hallmark of the species.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

After documenting some of my troll interactions I couldn't help but be amused when I got this one: Tea Party wants the same thing. So how are you getting it accomplished down there? after days of watching Tea Partiers/sockpuppets/astroturfers attack OWS and vehemently deny there was any common ground.

Here's a snowcone making the rounds: "It's the inequality, stupid," a reference to the well-known slogan of Bill Clinton's 1992 Presidential campaign.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Troll/Sockpuppet Debug Routines

Framing the Debate: It makes me ill to think #OccupyWallStreet is somehow the ANTI Tea Party. Does the Tea Party dislike Corporate corruption?

Hotfix: I don't know much about the Tea Party's position; this is my own position.

Mirror argument: (regarding tea party vs OWS media)
When pro-lifers peacefully pray outside abortion ctrs liberals pass laws to suppress. But #occupywallstreet gets tons of favorable media cov

Hotfix: copy them the other tweets saying there's no media coverage because it's stupid (see below)

Futility Of Your Argument: Why would they cover it. It is a waste of time and irrelevant - like you.

Hotfix: Point them to the lamestream media stories.

You're Bums: So glad the white privileged #OccupyWallStreet kids don't have to get up and go to work, raise a family, volunteer in their communities.

Hotfix: Point them at the pilots, teachers, First Responders, photos, stories.

No Argument: What the hell are they trying to accomplish? #occupywallstreet I've listened to interviews and I feel like they don't even know

Hotfix: LMGTFY [Let Me Google That For You] + Wikipedia

Ur Doin' It Wrong: You're all being distracted by the wrong target; the crooks are in Washington ie You Really Should Be With Us

Hotfix: Actually, you're ignoring the stated premise: money has corrupted government.

Attack on Rationality: Because their obnoxious professor told them to.....RT @hippojuicefilm: Statistics from #OccupyWallStreet 99% of people do not know why they are there.

Hotfix: *laughter*

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

"Wall Street is like any other machine; it's either a benefit or a hazard.
If it's a benefit, it's not my problem." - Anonymous Cop in Wall Runner

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Art is my weapon
plus I know computers

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

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