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Taking Wall Street By Twitter - Day 8 - Watch:Witness

A disturbing video is making the rounds of female protestors, mostly peaceful and merely chanting, corraled, penned up with orange plastic nets [kettling] and maced/pepper sprayed:

It's really stirring people up, and seems the meat the Lamestream Media was looking for as coverage starts leaking out around the edges. You can watch on You Tube but a sign-in is required. If it doesn't show on this page, go here [Daily KOS], which has a secondary, slow-motion video of the spraying showing the women clearly non-violent.

UPDATE: another video/angle has surfaced, showing what those women were "shouting about": look carefully and you will see a cop with his hands buried in a black woman's hair, twisting and pulling and wrenching. I'd be screaming too (and probably be maced).

And try watching this one and remaining unmoved:

Knee choke of downed protester and police punching people wildly

>>> W.... T... F <<<

I dare anyone to watch these videos and justify the actions of NYPD in this situation. This is unconscionable. Much outrage across all independent media about this action.

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OWS medical team is asking for supplies for makeshift medical kits:
milk of magnesia, bandanas and vinegar
, Milk of Magnesia, Bandanas, finger and leg splints, ice packs/cold packs, rubber gloves, cpr masks & swim goggles rated to 10m, water bottles with spray tops and big (#10) ziplock baggies to make kits. And "tobacco! We all smoke; we shouldn't but we do. Please send tobacco!" And tarps, bug repellent and calamine lotion, space blankets, gauze. And water; lots of water.

These supplies should be sent to Josh & Chris at Medical Table or at Media Center

Shipping address:
118 A #205
NEW YORK, NY 10038

RE: Occupy Wall Street
Courtesy OccupyWallStreet

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Info Links:

Police Department
1 Police Plaza New York, NY 10038

tel: (646) 610-5000

misconduct towards #OccupyWallStreet protesters can be reported at:

The Civilian Complaint Review Board

NY Atty General Eric's office
cue thru 2 civil rights

Online White House Petition
to recognize OccupyWallStreet

Occupy Wall Street
Official Demands

Vote HERE for All Proposed Demands to be included
in a The Formal Occupy Wall Street Document

Groundside folks: Record every badge number any & all officers you deal with. They must provide it if asked.

Corollary: If any refuse to give you their badge number, photograph them for later identification.

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[as usual, tweets and RTs are in italics]

#occupychicago and #occupyLA begin.

Twitter is going wild today; back to the traffic that was seen in the early 2 days of the protest, and with good reason. Major American media outlets (the Lamestream Media) continue to ignore what is happening down on Wall Street despite other countries (noticeably absent: the BBC) continue to report on this protest. A few outlets are racing to catch up, smelling bread-and-butter finally -_-

Boy, now that twitter has stopped blocking #occupywallstreet it's trending like crazy. Don't know if it's listed officially.

The alternative media - Twitter, You Tube, blogs and social networks - are continuing to show strongly and demonstrate exactly why the net needs to be protected from such legal strategies as currently being pushed to "reign in," limit and control the channels of information by the media-government cartel.

Protesters continue to use the "mass repeat" or "peer-to-peer networking" model to speak to the crowd after arrests for using bullhorn [against local regulations], as they do with Twitter and the You Tube videos; propagating the signal which is being degraded and establishing alternate nodes to transmit information.

Some Lamestream media appears to be hanging in, like ABC 7 and WCBSTV, and are repeatedly recognized and thanked in tweets, just as Steven Colbert, Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann have been over the last few days. People do recognize that some media crews are doing their jobs [see previous posts for links]

And I see more older people in the crowd feeds and photos; 40s-80s, including this little Grannys For Peace Brigade member being cuffed.

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NZ Business Day reports

Huffington Post: Occupy Wall Street Protest Escalates On Eighth Day (VIDEO)

El Pais [France] Nearly a hundred outraged New Yorkers arrested during a peaceful march

The Guardian: Police crack down on 'Occupy Wall Street' protests
The Guardian's been there almost from the start - props out.

NY Police Violence against protests on Wall Street
Roteiro De Cinema News [Portuguese translated]

PBS reporter spends 9 hours in jail despite credentials for interviewing maced woman from #OccupyWallstreet

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A lot of interesting agitprop media clippings showing up now on You Tube and Global Revolution; the artists are getting involved, including Charlie Chaplin's final speech from The Great Dictator.

This pic gets tweeted frequently under the heading "NYPD sexually-assaulting female protester"

Some incredibly-moving and beautiful late-night interviews off the Global Revolution live feed, including "Mary," who came down as a middle-aged mother to support "the young people." Just lovely and ernest.

Another released arrestee reports that a movie theatre on 12th Street took maced protesters in and helped them with bandanas soaked in vinegar, phone calls and first aid. Wonderful.

Some plans are emerging to "get off the plastic and disposable cycle" through using plastic camping utensils.

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People are using media analysis tools to track media stories and tweeting the results of "what's getting more coverage than OccupyWallStreet." It's pitiful:

Things getting more coverage than #occupywallstreet:
Duck a l'Orange
major news stations debating the merits of a time line
key lime pie
Alec Baldwin

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Lamestream Media
lurches into action finally:

NY Times: 80 Arrested as Financial District Protest Moves North

"...In addition to bicycle riding, camping gear and sleeping bags were now also banned." UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: Tarps are allowed; sleeping bags are allowed; just must not be hung from or attached to any structure/tree/sign.

Gallup Poll: Majority in U.S. Continues to Distrust the Media, Perceive Bias

Boston Herald: 80 people arrested at ’Occupy Wall Street’ protest

Associated Press [AP]: 80 people arrested at 'Occupy Wall Street' protest

Wall Street Journal: 80 'Occupy Wall Street' Protesters Arrested

MSNBC finally stumbles on to the story

Funny about how most of the Lamestream Media stories are about arrests... and not about the issues. And of course, you aren't seeing the nasty videos there... luckily we have alternative sources, yes?

[from live camera feed at 10:30pmEDT: People holding up just-released issues of The NY Daily News with OccupyWallStreet front page. W00t!]

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Tweets & RTs

[many tweets repeated asking President Obama to address the protests in one of his weekly You Tube messages]

[a bunch of tweets to celebrities that start Y U NO #occupywallstreet [celebrity name] - I toss mine into the pot: Y U NO #occupywallstreet @christopherwalken - needs more cowbell!]

[bunch of tweets mentioning the problem with Trending and a $400 million investment from JP Morgan Chase in Twitter]

You know, @WSJ the Wall Street Journal has been the one Major NYC newspaper covering #OccupyWallStreet, thank you. Give credit when its due.

80 people ARRESTED on Wall St. more than TOTAL that show up at TeaParty rallies that draw headlines

To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men. ~Abraham Lincoln

U measure a democracy by freedom it gives its dissidents not freedom it gives its assimilated conformists. Abbie Hoffman

Thanks @CBS News #occupywallstreet Shoutout to CBS - their news van is following the police cars down Trinity.

If there's one thing that #OccupyWallStreet taught me that I had forgotten: There's an awful lot of good peeps out there

The biggest threat to our national security is thinking everything is a threat to our national security.

For me, the MSM not covering #occupywallstreet makes me wonder what else they aren't covering.

#BurgerKing has refused to serve paying customers who are activist in the #OccupyWallStreet movement. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY, BOYCOTT!
[and many supporting tweets using BK's old ad slogan "Where's the beef?"]

It's going to take a lot more than pepper spray to make me leave

just called abc australia an asked why no coverage, "oh! we haven't heard anything about it, thank you," hangs up.

A simple message from #occupywallstreet: "corporation arent people". This is why we're here

am tired of being a cynic. afraid of dying a bitter cynic. #occupywallstreet makes me hope for positive change in US-cannot live w/out HOPE

Tea party protests w/ guns 0 arrests.Peaceful protest in NY today many arrests.Equal justice?No

The 2003 protest against the Iraq War was the largest protest in history, and went uncovered by major media. Be heard.

10:45pmEDT - Tweets and now live stream indicating many protesters arrested earlier are being released and returning to the Square.

We are unions, students, teachers, veterans, first responders, families, the unemployed & underemployed.

Imagine if the #OccupyWallStreet protesters were carrying guns and threatening to use them, like the Tea Party?

A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything. ~ Malcolm X

Quote of the day "It's not about left and right, it's about right and wrong." Love it.

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More videos:

Police continue their "swarming" technique in order to block video and photos but some manages to get filmed:

Shoulder-throw takedown for trying to comply

Protester thrown over barricade during arrest

Police tripping and throwing down protester, causing concussion

Arrest of Glenn Daniels Jr at Occupy Wall Street march in Union Square

Arrested girl gives her account of abuse

Occupy Wall Street

iconic photo via iPhone by Giles Clarke

It's being acknowledged and recognized (at least by cooler heads) that "many, many" of the police are showing some sympathy with the positions being raised and the protestor's actions, especially because the protest has been peaceful. Doesn't mean that they won't go through the mechanism's motions because they are required to, but many of the police are not thugs (like some of these videos and photos show) and "this is not an action against the police."

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Free Avatars

Anonymous Kitty

Sailor Anonymous

Anonymous Watchman

Anonymous Caped Crusader

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Taking Wall Street by Twitter series:
an exploration of the power of electronic democracy in action

Day 1 & 2
Day 3: Infolink
Day 4: Arresting
Day 5: Information just wants to be seen
Day 6: Old School Speaks
Day 7/8: Watch:Witness

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