Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Empire Strikes Back... In Oakland

8th and Washington, Oakland CA, USA

punkboyinsf's livestream from Oakland
the chat channel is excellent

email Oakland officials:
cityadministrator@oaklandnet.com, atlarge@oaklandnet.com, officeofthemayor@oaklandnet.com, SPiper@oaklandnet.com, jbrunner@oaklandnet.com, zwald@oaklandnet.com, pkernighan@oaklandnet.com, nnadel@oaklandnet.com, tjackson@oaklandnet.com, lschaaf@oaklandnet.com, idelafuente@oaklandnet.com, dbrooks@oaklandnet.com, "lreid@oaklandnet.com"

CA Governor Jerry Brown: Phone: (916) 445-2841 Fax: (916) 558-3160

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan: (510) 238-3141


I guess you know what's happening... or do you? Perhaps if you lived in Norway you would:

85 arrestert i «Occupy»-demonstrasjon
Camper utendørs for å vise sin avsky mot kapitalismen

Or from AlJazeera:
Police clash with Oakland protesters

More probably you'd have to rely on blogs, Twitter, You Tube and Flickr, except for a few articles in a few mainstream papers... or this beautiful post from of all places, The Weather Space:

ABC 7 News shuts cameras off on Occupy Oakland as police attack with gas
"not something we usually report on but no one else will." - much respect.

Atlanta police have declared media reporting at #OccupyAtlanta to be unlawful. Demand freedom of the press.

US cops tried to erase online evidence of brutality
Google asked by US law enforcement agency to sanitize videos exposing police brutality from You Tube, claiming they "defame law officers."

Occupy Wall Street's Battle Against American-Style Authoritarianism

This is why


How OWS Has Exposed the Militarization of US Law Enforcement

My livestream filming guy got gassed. He's not doing too good right now. Poor dude.

The arms firm behind the suppression of #OccupyOakland and Palestine's popular struggle [Akhbar]

this is USA democracy? you were a light in the dark. what a shame!

Flash-bangs are a type of hand grenade, being used on non-violent US citizens for "illegal assembly." Not rioting; not criminal acts.

journalism died today at #occupyoakland Cops told media 'don't shoot video' & media went home

Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters in Oakland, Calif. [NYTimes]

Police used teargas and smoke grenades and rubber bullets on a camp with children in it.

Police tear gas Occupy Oakland protesters [SF Chronicle]

funny how no1 has been charged with anything and the cops had to call it an "unlawful assembly" not vandalism, assault or other

Oakland Police Turn on #OWS With Tear Gas, Flash-Bang Grenades [Mother Jones]

I don't recall gun-totin Tea Partiers being tear gassed for their peaceful protests.

Oakland police chief announces resignation as teargass and rubber bullets fly

OAKland Police Chief resigns in wake of #OccupyOkland police brutality claims

Occupy Oakland Protest: Police Fire Tear Gas And Beanbag Rounds, Clear Out Encampment [HuffPost]

#OccupyOakland is singing Star Wars Imperial March

Police State: Occupy Oakland Turns Dramatically Violent [All Education Matters]

Banks got bailed out, we got tear gassed.

Police Terrorize the Streets of Oakland to Force out #occupy Demonstrators

I wonder what officers say to cops to make them feel it's OK to act like animals. Audio will surface, bet on it.

Mayor ignores clergy to raid Occupy Atlanta
State Sen. Vincent Fort (D-GA) arrested.

why are police arresting and using military-grade weapons on peaceful protestors across the country?

Police brutality charges sweep across the US

When Injustice Becomes Law, Rebellion Becomes Duty.

How To make a Tear Gas Mask | HOWTO Protection at Protest


The War You Don't See - John Pilger [video]
award-winning video report from CNN on propaganda
thx to LexingtonBilly for this link


Videos - watch and weep
You really shouldn't download these videos; it's against TOS.

Occupy Oakland - Flashbangs USED on protesters
Grenade deliberately thrown into crowd of people, not street trying to aid Scott Olsen, a Marine veteran of two tours of Iraq, already down and bleeding, who gets it right next to his head. Sickening. UPDATE: as of Wednesday he is in Critical condition.

OWS Cops Tear Gas Occupy Oakland (10/25/11)
Tear gas and flash-bang grenades used on peacful US Citizens

Protesters Clash With Police After ‘Occupy Oakland’ Camp Raided
Good CBS video report on Oakland police violence

RAW VIDEO: Ground footage of Occupy Oakland march and crowd dispersal
No violence; marching, standing; "unlawful assembly"
Woman in wheelchair gassed; fallen man bombed with grenade

Marine Vet wounded, tear gas & flash-bang grenades thrown in downtown Oakland

Protesters Clash With Police After ‘Occupy Oakland’ Camp Raided

Raw Video: Protesters Clash With Oakland Police

Police crackdown on Occupy Oakland [RT]
Tearing down the camp



Rubber bullet to the head

Beanbag round to the leg

Woman in wheelchair gassed, rescued
This woman's batteries ran out in her wheelchair, stranding her in clouds of tear gas. Three protesters braved the gas to rescure her; lifting her chair and running with it.

Navy man Holds Fast, carrying copy of Constitution
He's joined by an Iraq vet - two men of great honor; I salute you.

CS grenade and two shotgun shells used to fire beanbag rounds

CS grenade #2 and remains of flash-bang?

Photography of Police dismantling Occupy Oakland

Guess they forgot
2003 news clipping regarding lawsuit and Oakland police banning the use of the weapons ther are using now.

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Occupy The URL

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

World Council of Credit Unions
move your money

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

L.I. Couple Seeks Trademark For "Occupy Wall St."
Let these people know how you feel about this

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

tweets from #ows channels are always shown in italic

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Good People Rising - Occupy Souls

"This is not a war zone! This is not justice!"

USMC Sgt. Shamar Thomas, a 24-year-old Marine Veteran who comes from a long line of people who sacrifice for their country - Mother, Army Veteran (Iraq), Step father, Army, active duty (Afghanistan), Grand father, Air Force veteran (Vietnam), Great Grand Father Navy veteran (World War II) - takes on police at Occupy Wall Street. Here is the full video: USMC Sgt. Thomas at Occupy Wall Street. And here is the interview with Keith Obermann on Countdown.

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Thank you, Sgt, for defending your country in two places: (2) tours in Iraq, and at Occupy Wall Street. Your courage is exemplary; your honesty is heart-breaking; your upholding of the Constitution which you fought for is heroic. You are one of the "few good men." You gave me hope today.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b


Global revolution: protests in 1,000+ cities — in videos [Roar]

From a single hashtag, a protest circled the world [Reuters]

Occupy Wall Street Marks One Month [OccupyWallStreet statement]

10,000 people Occupy San Francisco... and then camp raided, torn down; police brutality continues.

Dr Cornel West, Princeton University professor, is arrested at the Supreme Court along with 16 other protesters from Occupy.

Peaceful revolution rises on 5 pillars: persistence, courage, visibility, numbers, and calm.

Rev. Bernice King, Dr. Martin Luther King's daughter, says that her father would have been heartened by the Occupy and 99% movements.

Today the Reverend Jesse Jackson stood up the NYPD when they came to destroy the Medical Tent.

RT @OccupyWallSt: #nypd is trying to bust down our medical tent, but @revjjackson is in the way

Meanwhile, in my own Cincinnati, a lawsuit was filed today in federal court by Occupy Cincinnati, alleging that the City of Cincinnati’s Parks Rule has kept Cincinnatians from exercising their constitutionally-protected rights to free speech and assembly.

This series of photos from the Berlin Occupation could come right out of a history book.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b


OccupyGeorge: campaign to send messages to the banksters on their own "letterhead"

Occupy The Banks - listserv

Cyberactivism From Egypt to Occupy Wall Street [Nation]

This Cell Phone Guide for Occupy Wall Street Protesters (and Everyone Else) from the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a must-read.

More hand signals from Occupy Wall Street
Non-verbal semantic arts in play

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Hijacking the Movement

Hamsher: Dems Co-opting Occupy Wall St.

Democrats want to hijack Occupy Wall Street? [RT]

A good synopsis of MoveOn.Org's moves from Alex Jones

A Letter From Goldman Sachs [Borowitz Report]
Monetize the Occupation! [HUMOR]

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b


An Inarticulate Articulation of Why Occupy Wall Street Doesn't Need to Articulate a Damn Thing
Beautiful, articulate bullshit-calling.

The Contrasting Psychologies of 'Occupy Wall Street' and the 'Tea Party' [Forbes]
Written by a 20-yr clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst

This article from Frank Pasquale titled "The Moral Authority of Occupy Wall Street" is a concise refutation of all the "talking points" of the OWS deniers/astroturfers/vituperative trolls.

Why Occupy Wall Street is Bigger Than Left vs. Right [Rolling Stone]
Matt Tabibi

You can't fix today's problems with yesterday's thinking. So move over, the millennials are here, #ows; bring ideas, leave party at home

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

"It's the economy, stupid"

Financial crisis protests: the world versus the bankers [Guardian]

The Quiet Coup: the finance industry has effectively captured our government [Atlantic]

Wall Street Buys Washington: Here's How Much Banks Gave To The 2012 Presidential Candidates [Business Insider]

Rabbit-Hole Economics: Paul Krugman examines Tuesday’s Republican debate on the economy [NYT/Opinion]

Royal Dutch Shell: The World's Dirtiest Oil Company
More news the news didn't tell you

Have you noticed that throughout all this no one has said I'M SORRY. Not ONE apology or semblance of responsibility from #the1%

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b


Top CIA clandestine operative is working with the NYPD.
Questions abound as to why

CNN badgers protesters
Just as good as Faux News for pretending to be "news"

Honolulu Police Load Up on Taser Ammo, Pepper Spray, Bean Bags for APEC
My friends know that in the early 90s I traveled to Hawai'i 5 yrs in a row; helped out in the Mau'i Hawai'ian Language Reclaimation Project; helped wire the first cybercafe there; collected legends from the Aunties and Oncles, walked the volcanos for Pelé and studied the politics of Hawai'i, Matson Shipping Lines and C&H Sugar. Real Kanaka are mostly SO POOR outside the one-mile "tourist Hawai'i" strip... this is disgusting.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Race-Baiting Bigoted Smear Job

Occupy protest critics exploit anti-Semitism --- must-read

Charges Of Occupy Wall Street Anti-Semitism Find Audience On The Right

I want to comment on the ugly assertions surfacing of "Anti-Jewish" propaganda being currently spewed. This is one of the lowest, insanest, ugliest political smear campaigns I have ever witnessed; it is something I'd expect from Karl Rove. It also goes back hundreds of years and is currently used to stifle debate about Israel's policies.

I question these assertions; I question this entire line of propaganda. I question whether these few people are representative of the movement; I question israel today Magazine's pushing of this issue; according to their own article, they quote the American Nazi Party's website, which has "come out in support of OWS."

First of all, israel today, you're going to quote Nazis?!?!? Your argument is invalid; Godwin'd right there. You ignore the reports that these people have been shown to be local crazies with a history of showing up at every large gathering for many years, or even wandering the streets randomly. You push this racism using three examples (besides your Nazi Party one). These are the same people that sniff and dig and triumphantly post anti-Muslim diatribes. They are professional agitators and propagandists who whine when someone uses their own tactics against them. I'd like to see them DOX'd and find out exactly who is behind them.

I have nothing against Jews; only the Israeli government; like all governments lately, it show signs of rabid insanity and paranoia. And so does israel today Magazine. I can certainly criticise the government for their actions and policies without being anti-Semitic.

ADL Slams Rush Limbaugh Calling His Remarks 'Borderline Anti-Semitic' [2010]
from the Yiddish News - and here's a transcript of the phone call session

Maybe they don't read the Yiddish News? Maybe israel today thinks the Yiddish News is anti-Semitic? Maybe this is a way to shut off debate about the policies of the Israeli government? Or is it just an ugly piece of psywar/propaganda warfare to destroy a movement that is shaking the world's governments?

10 Craziest Things Said About Occupy Wall Street

[And don't start flooding my Comments with racist bigoted bullshit from either side of this. If you are exclusionist, you're wasting your wind on me; I've seen what you do for the last 25 years. You aren't part of any change or justice to me, and if you start out bigoted, that is your message and I hear nothing more]

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupation: World - Oct. 15

Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' is played to thousands in Madrid
by the Solfonica Orchestra live, making me cry.

"spirit fingers"

History erupts today. Twitter is the new News [as always, tweets in italics]. Do not count on complete accuracy; all is in motion and churn.

I'm Getting Arrested app for Android: lets you quickly notify your family, friends, and legal team (if you have one) of your situation with a single tap of your finger.

National Lawyers Guild Occupy protest support and hotlines

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

I went to OccupyCincinnati today as long as I could; illness forced me to go home. I do what I can from here for my beloved Internet, which is justifying the faith I have placed in it for 25 years. My heart is bursting with pride for the people of my neighborhood and my home. Finally, I live in the America (and world) of my 7-yr-old heart again. I wish I had someone to share this moment with tonight... but I am with all of you, so... it's ok ^_^

How To Occupy An Abstraction
The digital domain of the Occupy movement

Thank you, world. TY Internet. TY #OccupyWallStreet #ows #O15

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Today Is The Day

Perhaps these moments are what all those 2012 predictions were about: an apocalypse is a change-state; nothing says it cannot go positive as easy as negative.

Goosebumps all day long. It's been amazing, and it's just the beginning

Israelis launch world protest day with solidarity demo on Syrian border

60,000 plus protested in Chile today!

It's going on all over the world; in Canada, Spain, Melbourne, Barcelona, Rome, Brussels, Paris, Toronto, Oakland, London, Syntagma, Warsaw, Hong Kong, Madrid, Venezuela, Orlando, Regina, Berlin, New York, Bucharest, Dublin, Los Angeles, Finland, Reno, Zurich, Columbus, Santa Rosa, Cibeles Square, Santiago, Amsterdam, China, Tel Aviv...

Flags of #Palestine, #Mohawk Nation flying on Bay Street!

Julian Assange gets taken into custody in London for wearing mask to the demo; "detained" of course, not arrested... he is freed about 25 minutes later and says, "I can't wear masks and be anonymous but swiss bank accounts can be" while speaking to the OccupyLSX folks. He also says, "This movement is not about the destruction of law, but the construction of law." Unfortunately, he then gets stuck in #OccupyLSX kettle and needs to be back in Norfolk by 5pm to avoid breaching bail ...

Lech Wałęsa to visit at Occupy Wall Street
Former President of Poland, Nobel Peace Prize winner and pivotal in ending the Soviet era in Poland. This is tremendous news.

RT @OccupyWallStNYC: At NYU building at corner of BWay and Waverly streetfront window monitor is playing our livestream!

This lonely, brave woman Occupies the Tundra while this small crowd Occupies the Bering Sea... and at the other end of the world is OccupyAntarctica. In Rome an estimated 200,000 people clog the streets. This video from OccupyPerth has the Perth Clock Tower in it.

Madrid: Must be at least 15,000 here now- from a few hundred half an hour ago. Sudden explosion of noise and chanting

Photos from Times Square say it all, as does t : Occupy is not "a small, rag-tag bunch of hippies."

You can only push decent hard working people so far before they inevitably force change. Check your history books.

#OccupyKorea #OccupySeoul #OccupyYeouido [video]

Over 10 blocks of San Francisco have been taken over. #Occupy your streets! Thousands upon thousands are pouring into Civic Center

A look into the "HOW" of the Occupy Wall Street movement: The consensus process [video]

SF:10,000 NY:60,000 Denver:3,000 Chicago:2,000 Seattle:2,000 L.A:15,000 The 1% has probably crapped their pants.

Young boy's sign: Occupy My Future [photo]

I don't have words to say how inspiring peaceful beautiful cooperative #OWS NYC. Maybe America IS going to be able to save itself.

A Spanish tweet... mentioning French politics. Truly global!
¿Dónde están los señores que decían que este movimiento no tenía comparación con "El gran Mayo francés"? ['Where are the gentlemen who said that this movement was not opposed to "The great French May"?']

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

The New Media

Social Media continues to prove itself, particularly Twitter; indicating just how corrupted and beholden to political interests Lamestream Media is. New Media is also about transparency: "we are the eyes of the world." Police, corporations, stores watch us constantly. We can watch back now, but soon we might be unable to:

"The Federal Reserve is planning on monitoring social networking sites because they want to see what the public's response will be to economic policy" Yeah, sure. Now you know.

Please see the Legal Section on the right sidebar here for information on protecting your Internet.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Media blackout... 70% uninstalled.

An Intense Moment of Truth on MSNBC

[Leading coverage in many foreign media]

Congratulations, everyone.

Wall to wall coverage of Arab Spring in the US cable nooooz media. #OWS? Maybe 3 mins/day, tops. Oh well, there's still Al Jazeera and RT [Russia Today]

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

The Banksters

Citibank locks protesters (all Citibank customers) inside and starts arresting them for attempting to close thier bank accounts. Watch the video - a woman in a business suit, entirely calm, a customer, is manhandled and shoved into the locked bank with the rest of the protesters. Police are claiming the act was announced as a sit-in so that is why they decided to make arrests, but this video blows that excuse to smithereens. Let Citibank know this was shameless. BTW, Citigroup paid no taxes and received a $2.5trillion bailout.

And they weren't the only ones: Santa Cruz BofA refuses to close woman's account. Manager: "You cannot be a customer and a protester at the same time - corporate orders." And this was on Oct. 7th.

Seeing as how banks are refusing customers service, and will even lie to you, during the next week, open an account at a local, small bank or credit union then phone transfer your account balance, or get a bank check for your balance and get it right to your new account. Be sane; be careful with large amounts of cash or checks until they are safe in your new account.

Long ties to Koch brothers
key to Herman Cain's campaign

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b


I am praying tonight to all Goddesses/Gods and the thousands of men and women who have fought for freedom for hundreds of years. Please help us.

500 lock arms in Chicago as police move in [2:33amEDT]

100+ police + horses attack peaceful #OccupySYDNEY protest tearing down tents & putting everything in rubbish trucks – arrests.

They use horses to charge the crowd
I knew they would; been there DNC 2000 LA

Occupy London reporting police using shields and batons on demonstrators who are sitting peacefully. The demonstrators set up a camp that the police are in the process of trying to disperse [8 pm London time].

Police entrapment: given permission to walk, then arrested in 15 seconds

Riot police surrounded fountain. I was one of last to leave. Kicked legal green hats [Observers] out [Washington Square Park, Midnight]

Cops For Sale
The new Praetorian Guard

@BreakingNews: Police in New York, Chicago,Seattle warning Occupy protesters to clear out

How To Escape From Zip-Ties
in case some thug or kidnapper breaks in and uses them on you or your family...

500 arrested including ANSWER Coalition organizers! #OccupyCHI

What We Know About 'Hipster Cop'
You've seen him... now see him.

St Paul's deacon happy for assemblies to happen during mass. The word used was "co-existence" - tells police "we are in support of the protest" #occupylsx

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Buy Nothing Day is your special day to unshop, unspend and unwind. Relax and do nothing for the economy and for yourself - at least for a single day.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b


Why I Went to Occupy L.A. Instead of Synagogue
A 14-yr-old girl explains

How the Wall Street Protesters Win
loving advice and encouragement

Why Occupy Wall Street Has Already Won [Slate]

America’s ‘Primal Scream’ [NYT]

Twenty reasons why it's kicking off everywhere
Prescient article from BBC's Paul Mason

Who is Your Leader?
The Entrenched are frustrated in not having a target to attack.

A Billionaire's advice to OccupyWallStreet
very interesting read by Mark Cuban

Meet the Guy Who Snitched on Occupy Wall Street to the FBI and NYPD
Isn't this hacking and assorted computer crimes? See how the double standard works now?

Police Infiltrate Peaceful Protests, Videotape Shows [NYT]

Propaganda Bust: Deconstructing "One of the 53%"
Brilliant expose of propaganda photoshopping & crowdsourced busting

On the front lines in Times Square, NYPD in full fight mode
blow-by-blow account of horrific police action in Times Square

Beyond the Corporate Veil The Good The Bad The Ugly (hidden revealed)
Please read this post

The Guys in the 1% Brought This On
Barbara Ehrenreich

Which 10 Giant Corporations Don't Pay Taxes?
Exxon Mobil, Bank of America, General Electric , Chevron, Boeing, Valero Energy, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Carnival Cruise Lines

Wall Street's Long Occupation of the Middle Class
David Rohde

Turkish media report

Greece's fiscal mess, all thanks to Goldman Sachs

What’s Going On? Protests, Riots, the Internet and a Changing Civilisation

The Truth About Occupy Wall Street: It’s Much Smaller Than It Seems
Walter Shapiro writes a bit too hastily


International photo set from The Guardian

Huge photoset from NYC

Huge global photoset at Cryptome

BigFatWhale Comic: BofA's future plans
brill, as my Brit friends say

Teach Your Children Well
Reading to kids at #OccupyWallStreet

We Deserve Better [Ottowa]
Yes, we do.

"Someone left a flower outside our tent last night"
more like a bouquet... in Taipei

Hundreds sit at 2am in front of ABC Studios on Broadway
Hard to ignore the news when it's outside your door...


Hand Signals of the General Assembly [video]

Occupy Dame Street [Ireland]

Police use scooters to ram crowds; mass arrests 10.14

Sean Penn speaks about Occupy Wall Street

Glenn Beck primes people for The Apocalypse; accuses "The Left" of being killers, rapists
Now you see who the real anarchists and terrorists are - people like this, urging their followers to violence and murder.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

I'm not a big name; my blog is small. I haven't been really promoting it that much and I am a Tweet babbler. The media blackout has at least been breached; there are finer and more experienced writers out there. But every once in awhile, some kind soul tweets something like this:

This is an #epic face & twitter *^_^*!<3 @misosusanowa yfrog.com/odmnuxj

... and makes me cry even more. TY RazorBladeDoll.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

And this series of tweets from Hollywood Boulevard helped me wash off some of my bitterness from living under this Iron Empire for almost all my adult life:

Don't hate the conservatives who mock u & argue w u. Don't respond to their anger in kind. Love them. They can't help it.

They've been duped by the machine into fighting for the very interests intent upon using them up & spitting them out.

They can't understand that what we want is what they need & that in most cases we're doing it 4 them more than 4 ourselves.

We're trying 2 help & if they'll just let us, we can help get that paw fixed, but they don't know, they can't think straight.

Eventually, even the conservatives in middle class will come around. They'll begin to get it, & we can be friends again.

Fight & keep fighting, but do it w/ love in your heart. #OWS #OLA #O15 #Occupywallstreet #OccupyLa #Occupyeverywhere

... and made me cry and lose my place typing again. Thx Hollywood.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Friday, October 14, 2011

Just One Victory - Occupy Wall Street

5amEDT October 14, 2010 - NYC


Denver, 1amCMT

[Tonight's guest post written by the ghost of Dorothy Parker]
[tweets in italics]

Hundreds + hundreds of NYers & ppl from around country got up early today to stand up for something. This is significant.

Of course everyone is celebrating the huge victory this morning for #OccupyWallStreet over the minions of Sauron the "suspension" of the "cleaning" fiction imposed by Mayor "I'm A Billionaire" Bloomberg after a little legal pressure, some fact-finding and a whole lotta cleanup by the protesters themselves.

Arrests continue at Occupy sites, like Boston and Denver while nationwide and worldwide protests aligned with the Occupy movement continue to grow; at this time the count is an amazing 951 cities in 82 countries.

Occupy Together engages today; some cool videos from OccupyHong Kong, OccupyTokyo and this photo of #OccupyLSX [London Stock Exchange]

Things might become more interesting on Bank Transfer Day, Nov 5th.

100+ police + horses attack peaceful #occupySYDNEY protest tearing down tents & putting everything in rubbish trucks Arrests.

We are the 1% and we stand with the 99%, a companion photo series to "We are the 99%" is nice; The Atlantic has a good article comparing media coverage on #OWS across the world.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Art Dept.

Everyone is all atwitter about art (or is that all Twitter is atweet about art?) because Shepard Fairey has "designed" this poster for Occupy Wall Street. Gosh, you mean the Fairey that "designed" the Obama Hope poster? The one that was ripped off from an AP photo? Sure hope this one wasn't "appropriated," eh Mr Designer-Man?

Some neighbours in Toronto didn't appreciate street artist Joel Richardson's work with images of finance and capitalism. But an art exhibit for Occupy Wall Street sure did.

Who could resist Occupying Goethe? Probably not the same people running from the octapiers... ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu!

There's an excellent cartoon by Jonik mocking the "I don't understand what they want" trolls and this lovely pic of two tiny protesters with signs: "The future is on sale."

Finally, this most-excellent "Occupy Wall Street commercial" is a wrapup of the whole platform for those who can only learn from TV.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Police on Parade Dept.

How about a little video pleasure? There's this NYPD White Shirt KO'ing a protester (Felix Rivera-Pitre) or this interesting video about police provocateurs and "Black Bloc", or you might be entertained by this video of police tactics if you happen to be a fan of violence.

But many people are fans of this video showing a NYPD scooter cop running over the leg of a National Lawyers Guild Legal Observer, and then parking on it. And to top it off, the Observer was arrested. The arresting cop's name is rumored to be "Officer Dumbass" but this is not confirmed.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Trolls On The March

A "reporter" named Thomas Ryan and Andrew Breitbart appear to be breaking numerous federal laws and committing felonies in publishing emails from OccupyWallStreet protesters and planners. Forwarded to the relevant legal groups. Of course, Messr. Breitbach is the face of hypocrisy; according to this video, Tea Partiers can't even live up to their own rhetoric [remember "when did we ever disrupt one of your events?"]

The Tea Party trolls have shifted tactics: rather than keep repeating their 3rd-grade insults about "smelly" and "dirty" and "potsmoking" and so on, they have geared up with some real nasty Anti-semititic cards; playing both sides of the "dialogue" and creating an ugly and demeaning spectacle of themselves. Fortunately, this video tears their little facade to shreds. Of course, that wouldn't do for their Koch masters.

If the trolls can't "understand" Occupy Wall Street, or maintain their disingenuous pose of "just wanting to know what it's all about" they might try this Occupy Wall Street Simplified video.

There's an article at the NYTimes that says "In Private, Wall St. Bankers Dismiss Protesters as Unsophisticated." "These damned filthy peasants," one was alleged to have said, "they should be mucking out the stalls and sending us their maiden daughters to ravish and despoil like in the old days. Let's hang them all and eat their children's hearts on soda crackers."

We Don't Want Welfare, We Want Jobs. We Don't Hate Business, We Want Fairness. We Don't Want Handouts, We Want Justice.

6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

Signs of the Pending Apocalypse Dept.

Tea Party founder Karl Denninger backs Occupy Wall Street; this interesting article about Mike Lee (R-UT), a Senator intimate with the Tea Party, proposing a permanent tax giveaway to multinationals. Perhaps the Tea Party didn't like being hijacked by the billionaire brothers Koch?

Fox News publishes a pro-Occupy Wall Street article (perhaps they were stung by the Faux Mock, the results of their own online "poll" or maybe they didn't like being clubbed and maced? Maybe they forgot these editorials? Who knows; it's Faux Gnus.

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The Other Media Dept.

This interesting op-ed from a Stanford student charts how corporations are influencing education for the worse.

This article from The Guardian happens to have a very interesting first photo. Notice that it is the only photo of a "protester" doing violence to police. Debate whether this "protester" is not a provocateur. Observe how this is the only picture stolen and retransmitted among several Lamestream Media outlets to slant the story.

It could be entertaining or enlightening, this article outlining the 12 Most Absurd Laws Used to Stifle the Occupy Wall St. Movement Around the Country.

On the Op-Ed front, there's this thoughtful post by Jayel Aheram warning of partisan hijacking and an interesting audio conversation by Liliana Segura and Laurie Penny on Hacktivism and Social Change.

This Is What Compassion Looks Like: A Buddhist View of Occupy Wall Street

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We've been waiting so long,
we've been waiting for the sun to rise and shine
Shining still to give us the will...

Can you hear me, the sound of my voice?
I am here to tell you I have made my choice
I've been listening to what's been going down
There's just too much talk and gossip going 'round

You may think that I'm a fool, but I know the answer
Words become a tool, anyone can use them
Take the golden rule, as the best example
Eyes that have seen will know what I mean

The time has come to take the bull by the horns
We've been so downhearted, we've been so forlorn
We get weak and we want to give in
But we still need each other if we want to win

[Hold that line, baby hold that line
Get up boys and hit 'em one more time]
We may be losing now but we can't stop trying
[So hold that line, baby hold that line]

If you don't know what to do about a world of trouble
You can pull it through if you need to and if
You believe it's true, it will surely happen
Shining still, to give us the will
Bright as the day, to show us the way

Somehow, someday,
we need just one victory and we're on our way
Prayin' for it all day and fightin' for it all night
Give us just one victory, it will be all right

We may feel about to fall but we go down fighting
You will hear the call if you only listen
Underneath it all we are here together shining still

Todd Rundgren, Just One Victory

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6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b