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Just One Victory - Occupy Wall Street

5amEDT October 14, 2010 - NYC


Denver, 1amCMT

[Tonight's guest post written by the ghost of Dorothy Parker]
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Hundreds + hundreds of NYers & ppl from around country got up early today to stand up for something. This is significant.

Of course everyone is celebrating the huge victory this morning for #OccupyWallStreet over the minions of Sauron the "suspension" of the "cleaning" fiction imposed by Mayor "I'm A Billionaire" Bloomberg after a little legal pressure, some fact-finding and a whole lotta cleanup by the protesters themselves.

Arrests continue at Occupy sites, like Boston and Denver while nationwide and worldwide protests aligned with the Occupy movement continue to grow; at this time the count is an amazing 951 cities in 82 countries.

Occupy Together engages today; some cool videos from OccupyHong Kong, OccupyTokyo and this photo of #OccupyLSX [London Stock Exchange]

Things might become more interesting on Bank Transfer Day, Nov 5th.

100+ police + horses attack peaceful #occupySYDNEY protest tearing down tents & putting everything in rubbish trucks Arrests.

We are the 1% and we stand with the 99%, a companion photo series to "We are the 99%" is nice; The Atlantic has a good article comparing media coverage on #OWS across the world.

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Art Dept.

Everyone is all atwitter about art (or is that all Twitter is atweet about art?) because Shepard Fairey has "designed" this poster for Occupy Wall Street. Gosh, you mean the Fairey that "designed" the Obama Hope poster? The one that was ripped off from an AP photo? Sure hope this one wasn't "appropriated," eh Mr Designer-Man?

Some neighbours in Toronto didn't appreciate street artist Joel Richardson's work with images of finance and capitalism. But an art exhibit for Occupy Wall Street sure did.

Who could resist Occupying Goethe? Probably not the same people running from the octapiers... ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu!

There's an excellent cartoon by Jonik mocking the "I don't understand what they want" trolls and this lovely pic of two tiny protesters with signs: "The future is on sale."

Finally, this most-excellent "Occupy Wall Street commercial" is a wrapup of the whole platform for those who can only learn from TV.

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Police on Parade Dept.

How about a little video pleasure? There's this NYPD White Shirt KO'ing a protester (Felix Rivera-Pitre) or this interesting video about police provocateurs and "Black Bloc", or you might be entertained by this video of police tactics if you happen to be a fan of violence.

But many people are fans of this video showing a NYPD scooter cop running over the leg of a National Lawyers Guild Legal Observer, and then parking on it. And to top it off, the Observer was arrested. The arresting cop's name is rumored to be "Officer Dumbass" but this is not confirmed.

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Trolls On The March

A "reporter" named Thomas Ryan and Andrew Breitbart appear to be breaking numerous federal laws and committing felonies in publishing emails from OccupyWallStreet protesters and planners. Forwarded to the relevant legal groups. Of course, Messr. Breitbach is the face of hypocrisy; according to this video, Tea Partiers can't even live up to their own rhetoric [remember "when did we ever disrupt one of your events?"]

The Tea Party trolls have shifted tactics: rather than keep repeating their 3rd-grade insults about "smelly" and "dirty" and "potsmoking" and so on, they have geared up with some real nasty Anti-semititic cards; playing both sides of the "dialogue" and creating an ugly and demeaning spectacle of themselves. Fortunately, this video tears their little facade to shreds. Of course, that wouldn't do for their Koch masters.

If the trolls can't "understand" Occupy Wall Street, or maintain their disingenuous pose of "just wanting to know what it's all about" they might try this Occupy Wall Street Simplified video.

There's an article at the NYTimes that says "In Private, Wall St. Bankers Dismiss Protesters as Unsophisticated." "These damned filthy peasants," one was alleged to have said, "they should be mucking out the stalls and sending us their maiden daughters to ravish and despoil like in the old days. Let's hang them all and eat their children's hearts on soda crackers."

We Don't Want Welfare, We Want Jobs. We Don't Hate Business, We Want Fairness. We Don't Want Handouts, We Want Justice.

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Signs of the Pending Apocalypse Dept.

Tea Party founder Karl Denninger backs Occupy Wall Street; this interesting article about Mike Lee (R-UT), a Senator intimate with the Tea Party, proposing a permanent tax giveaway to multinationals. Perhaps the Tea Party didn't like being hijacked by the billionaire brothers Koch?

Fox News publishes a pro-Occupy Wall Street article (perhaps they were stung by the Faux Mock, the results of their own online "poll" or maybe they didn't like being clubbed and maced? Maybe they forgot these editorials? Who knows; it's Faux Gnus.

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The Other Media Dept.

This interesting op-ed from a Stanford student charts how corporations are influencing education for the worse.

This article from The Guardian happens to have a very interesting first photo. Notice that it is the only photo of a "protester" doing violence to police. Debate whether this "protester" is not a provocateur. Observe how this is the only picture stolen and retransmitted among several Lamestream Media outlets to slant the story.

It could be entertaining or enlightening, this article outlining the 12 Most Absurd Laws Used to Stifle the Occupy Wall St. Movement Around the Country.

On the Op-Ed front, there's this thoughtful post by Jayel Aheram warning of partisan hijacking and an interesting audio conversation by Liliana Segura and Laurie Penny on Hacktivism and Social Change.

This Is What Compassion Looks Like: A Buddhist View of Occupy Wall Street

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We've been waiting so long,
we've been waiting for the sun to rise and shine
Shining still to give us the will...

Can you hear me, the sound of my voice?
I am here to tell you I have made my choice
I've been listening to what's been going down
There's just too much talk and gossip going 'round

You may think that I'm a fool, but I know the answer
Words become a tool, anyone can use them
Take the golden rule, as the best example
Eyes that have seen will know what I mean

The time has come to take the bull by the horns
We've been so downhearted, we've been so forlorn
We get weak and we want to give in
But we still need each other if we want to win

[Hold that line, baby hold that line
Get up boys and hit 'em one more time]
We may be losing now but we can't stop trying
[So hold that line, baby hold that line]

If you don't know what to do about a world of trouble
You can pull it through if you need to and if
You believe it's true, it will surely happen
Shining still, to give us the will
Bright as the day, to show us the way

Somehow, someday,
we need just one victory and we're on our way
Prayin' for it all day and fightin' for it all night
Give us just one victory, it will be all right

We may feel about to fall but we go down fighting
You will hear the call if you only listen
Underneath it all we are here together shining still

Todd Rundgren, Just One Victory

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6e * 65 * 74 * 77 * 6f * 72 * 6b

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